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A small team, which does a great job

Marbella Wedding

We are wedding planners specializing in design and theme for wedding events.
In Marbella Wedding we are a great team that will offer at all times counseling and special care every step of the development of your wedding.
Creative and inspiring, we guarantee absolute control of the wedding, putting all the love and experience to come out perfectly.
Many blogs fashion and bridal magazines already know us and recommend our wedding services in Marbella and surroundings.

By Marbella Wedding Planners – The best place to organize your wedding in Spain

hiring availability87%
Production capacity95%
Work radius78%
Customer satisfaction100%

Misión As wedding planners

Our commitment as wedding planners is to improve the level of services and wedding planning events. Organize themed, elegant and unique weddings; for those couple who likes to take care of details such unique moments.
As wedding planers we like to exceed the expectations of those couples that seek excellence in a unique day.
Provide a personalized approach to reflect the essence of couples who trust us.
Dedication to work with professionalism, integrity, passion and quality.
Working alongside the most respected and recognized companies in the field of weddings, which share the same commitment and level of service , that we got used to offer in our task of wedding planers.

Marbella wedding

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