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Why would you hire a wedding planner?

Many people wonder what the benefits of hiring a wedding planner and we will respond: we convey confidence and security to avoid unforeseen, we work with the couple to understand his idea well and to save time, negotiate with suppliers to get special discounts and service improvements, all this and more details is the commitment of a wedding planner to make it an unforgettable day.negociamos con los proveedores para conseguir descuentos especiales y mejoras del servicio, todo esto y mucho más para que sea un día inolvidable.

What are the most important tasks of wedding planners?

If we had to highlight the most important tasks of a wedding planers we could separate 2

1) – Having a wide and varied dossiers of wedding vendors.

2) – Take the overall management and organization of the wedding.

What services offers Marbella Wedding?

Ceremonia, localización, banquete, decoración, ambientación, invitaciones de boda, alquiler coches, viaje de novios, material técnico (sonido, iluminación, Marbella Wedding offers: Ceremony, location, banquet, decoration, setting, wedding invitations, car rental, honeymoon, technical material (sound, lighting, audiovisual), styling for the bride and groom, professional hair and makeup, coordinator of marriage (attendance integrates marriage).

Types of ceremonies are those engaged in Marbella Wedding?

Wedding in Marbella do all kinds of ceremonies and thematic. We detail some:

  • Religious.
  • civil.
  • traditional..
  • Symbolic (no legal value)..
  • Outdoor (beach, yacht).
  • theme (green, hippie, vintage, adventure)..

Organizes non-Catholic marriages?

Of course, if in Marbella Wedding we love all kinds of weddings.

Organizes gay marriages?

WHETHER. Totally. Oddly enough today, you keep asking this to our wedding planers

What kind of marriages are specialized?

I not think it’s a very specific question. We could not say that we are specialized in some kind of marriage. We specialize in weddings in general, and that’s all kinds of marriages, regardless of the number of guests, religion or location.

How the wedding planners work exactly?

The tasks of Marbella Wedding wedding planners is to meet with the couple often necessary to know well their ideas, concerns and expectations. Set together an estimated budget for the best price – quality – PERFECT DAY !!

What price have Marbella Wedding services?

Wedding in Marbella fees for the services offered are FREE for weddings exceeding 100 guests. If less than 100 guests prices may vary depending on the task and services we provide.

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