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Wedding trends you need to know in 2019!

When we hear the magic word Wedding we immediately come up with a lot of ideas, look for current or future trends and we do not stop to think that the trend is ourselves. A wedding has to talk about the couple, their tastes and personality. I am very happy to announce that in 2019 weddings will receive a much more personalized touch! The couple is more creative and will gradually give up the idea of ​​copying the weddings of famous people or simply those who participated and impressed them. They will begin to personalize their big day so that the final result is one that reflects exactly what they are. Your guests will be delighted to be part of a unique story in which the main characters are translated into every detail. To make your wedding a special and unforgettable experience, I recommend that you consider the following trends: 


Undoubtedly the favorite color will be the coral, with a pink touch that can be used for decoration, dress for your bridesmaids, flowers, cake and makeup. Rose quartz and serenity, are also in trend and in metallic tones. Depending on the combinations you use, you can create an elegant, romantic, rustic or vintage decoration. It all depends on your personality and style. In addition to silver, gold or copper, the most beloved color will be the golden rose. This color will be found in the whole concept of the wedding, from jewelry to decoration and food. 

2.The wedding cake 

The cake and its presentation is a very important moment of the evening and also for most of your guests, who not only want to enjoy it but also admire it.2019 opens the way to more impressive and elegant cakes where fruit is successfully replaced by flowers natural Another trend is that of hand-painted cakes. You can reflect your love story in images or create designs worthy of being called works of art. Give it to your imagination and choose a story cake! 

3.Bridal dress

Perhaps the most important and difficult choice is the wedding dress. Regardless of the trends each bride dreams of a particular dress and of course we have to take into account our figure so that the dress stylized us and highlights our personality. 

2019 comes with proposals for simple dresses, thanks to Meghan Markle who set the trend with a classic and simple design. However the must-have this year is your back outdoors! 


As for hairstyles, 2019 brings light, simple and effective trends. You can choose a natural haircut and leave your hair loose. The braids are all the rage and increasingly more fashionable. Whatever your choice, remember that jewelry and hair accessories are modern and will completely transform your hairstyle. 

5.Indoor Ceremonies  

If until now we could not imagine a ceremony that was not in a garden, beach, forest or anywhere but in the open area, 2019 will surprise us with the opposite.The ceremonies inside are gathering strength more and more and leave us breathless in terms of originality and beauty. The ceremony arches will continue loaded with designs of natural flowers and lush foliage that will capture all the attention of our guests. 

6.Confetti and colored smoke 

It has become one of the most awaited and photographed moments of the wedding.

The more traditional ones keep on throwing the rice of good luck while the more daring ones opt for the confetti of millions of colors.

However, it must be recognized that both rice and confetti or colored smoke give rise to spectacular and fun photos. 

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