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Does the Brexit affect my destination wedding?

If you are one of those who think that Brexit complicates your destination wedding let us tell you, you are wrong.

We listen to Brexit every day, the clock is running, and we are all worried about what is going to happen now and how it affects us and the truth is that we get goose bumps.Well dont´t worry,here we give you some reasons why Brexit shouldn´t affect your big day.

Now more than ever you're going to need a wedding planner! In Marbella Wedding we know the wedding planners are vital to ensure that you find the perfect location and suppliers, but we are kept up to date with all Brexit changes that may affect your destination wedding. We’re here to help you with all the unexpected and confusing parts of wedding planning abroad, plus the boring legal stuff that isn’t any fun at all. So don’t let Brexit stress you out – leave the paperwork and planning to us, and you just enjoying day dreaming about your perfect wedding day in the the south of Spain.

Your wedding in Spain will still be valid? Yes, of course! As long as you are legally allowed to marry in your country of residence (UK), and you follow the correct procedure (as you would marrying anywhere outside of Europe) you shouldn’t encounter any issues. Regardless of proposed EU legislations, according to the UK government website all marriages abroad will still be recognised.

Are you worried if its still cheap get married in south of Spain? Yes it is! Of course , the Pound has dropped a lot since the UK voted ‘remain’, but marrying in Spain is STILL cheaper – especially if compared to the UK or other destination locations such as Italy or Ireland. Food, alcohol and accommodation is especially more reasonably priced per person than staying in the UK. We all know that Marbella is a very top destination in terms of luxury, but it is still an ideal destination for your wedding, which is still cheaper than other destinations so there is no need to worry. Plus the fact that the Costa del Sol has 300 days of sunshine means that you can avoid expensive peak season flights and hotels in July and August and consider a more cost-effective wedding in March, April,May or October. Plenty of sunshine but at half the price! Take advantage of the offers of flights offered by airlines!

Since the exchange rate dropped, airlines and the tourist industry have been encouraging people to travel again – which means that airlines and hotels are offering some great deals. And as nobody knows whether the pound is likely to fall any further, the sooner you exchange your Sterling into Euros and start booking your wedding suppliers, the better. Also, if yours or your partner’s future in the UK is determined by marriage then you may want to get plan your big day sooner rather than later for peace of mind. Although the rights of UK resident and newer migrants will remain unaffected by Brexit, no one yet knows what will happen to those born outside of the UK – so don’t wait too long to tie the knot.

So what are you waiting for? Marbella Wedding is waiting for you to guide and advise you in everything you need to make your big day a dream come true.

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